Bathmate: Comparing Before And After Six Months

Penis pumps have been around for a long time, promising to help increase your size without any hassle.

Unfortunately, most of the pumps are ineffective and potentially harmful. Bathmate promises to offer a better, safer option. With the Bathmate hydro pumps, you use water to generate the vacuum force, allowing you to safely pump blood to your penis.

So does it work?

According to the company, you may get positive results within the first month. However, it may also take up to six months for the full effects to appear. 

How Does the Bathmate Exercise for Girth and Length Work?

Bathmate or extender devices help increase length and girth by expanding the skin and tissue of your penis.

The penis includes three chambers. The upper section of the penis includes the two larger chambers while the smaller chamber is near the base of the penis. Blood travels to the erectile tissue in the upper chambers. As the blood expands through these chambers, you achieve an erection.

Bathmate hydro pumps help deliver oxygenated blood to the erectile tissues. You add water to the pump, which then distributes water evenly around your penis. As you press on the pump, it applies more water pressure, causing more blood to reach the penis. Performing this exercise three to five times per week may increase the capacity of the chambers in the penis.


Bathmate Expected Results After Six Months

You may get results after the first use, especially if your penis is smaller in the flaccid state.

Most customers claim positive results after one to three months. You should notice that your penis becomes longer and thicker with repeated use of the hydro pump. The manufacturer recommends 15-minute sessions using warm water, performed up to five times per week.

After six months of use, you should achieve the maximum potential results. The hydro pump can only help to a certain point but many users claim growth of several inches in length and a significant increase in their girth.

Which Version of Bathmate Should You Use?

Bathmate offers three series of hydro pumps -- the Hydro, Hydro Max, and Hydro Xtreme.

The Hydro is the cheapest model and may help users achieve an erect penis length of five to seven inches. The Bathmate Hydro Xtreme is the top product in the lineup, offering the most power and potential for growth.

Should You Try Bathmate for Yourself?

So is Bathmate effective or not? Most customers seem to enjoy the results they achieve. Reviewing the anecdotal Bathmate evidence, this product appears to have helped thousands of guys increase their size.

Many customers also mention how increasing blood flow to the penis has helped increase their longevity in the bedroom. You can even receive the pump quickly, thanks to Bathmate express shipping options.

Overall, Bathmate offers an alternative to the dry pumps and penile extenders. You get a safer option that may provide the results you want. Unfortunately, the evidence all comes from customers instead of medical research. If you want to really know whether Bathmate is the solution you need, test it for at least six months and measure the results.

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